“Rob Fraser is a pure pleasure to watch. Not only is he an incredible musician, but his stage antics, while not consciously made, provide for great visuals.”

Chris Barnes in “The Free Press”


“Rob Fraser and (drummer) Don Plowman are as good as it gets.” 

The “Bluetone Café”


“The outrageous, yet enormously talented, Stanley is backed by an all-star lineup, (including) Rob Fraser on bass and harmony vocal.”  

Karen Cimms in the “Times News”


“(Mike Dugan’s) most recent album features a full horn section playing behind Dugan, drummer Mark Tomlinson and bass man Rob Fraser, (but) while on tour, the band is stripped down to just the three-piece outfit, (and) one gets the feeling that the pared-down trio might do an even better job of representing work.” 

Chuck Thurman in “Coast Weekly Monterey County”


“Mike Dugan & the Blues Mission emphasize solid grooves and tasty, blues-rock guitar and songwriting. Dugan lets the music breathe behind his powerful, Bluesbreakers-­style guitar.”  

Tom Hyslop in “Living Blues” magazine