Rob Fraser has performed all over the United States, Canada and Europe with a profusion of artists, appearing at venues both large and small, from intimate parties to major festivals. He is a seasoned musician with the ability to play fluently in a variety of musical genres. He is an experienced session player, and has served as an on-call roster player for several recording studios. 

Rob’s ear for music was apparent at an early age. He fell in love with his father’s classical and jazz records by the time he was two years old, and as he grew older his family realized that Rob had the ability to accurately pick out melodies on any instrument. 

Rob formed his first band at about age twelve and was performing in public by the time he was fourteen. At eighteen, his popular local band was attracting major-label interest, and by the time he was twenty Rob was playing at colleges, performing in concert halls and had recorded his first album. Next, he took to the road, further broadening his experience through years of extensive touring. 

Very experienced at substitute or fill-in work, Rob has a quick ear, is a competent singer and is a good, reliable team player. He is available for both live and studio work. Please feel free to contact him for your next project.