Bass Guitarist 


PO Box 3233 
Easton PA 18043

Bass player Rob Fraser is a seasoned musician with the ability to perform fluently in a variety of musical styles.


"Hi folks. Thanks for dropping by my website. 

If you are a Fan, Friend or Family member checking to see what I’m up to (or just trying to make sure that I’m still alive), thank you for caring. Please feel free to drop me a line, or try to catch me at a gig. Keep in touch.  

If you are in the Music Business, I enjoy having the opportunity to meet new players and to play different kinds of music, and I love to make music with old friends. If you need a bass player, and you have looked at my resume and think that we may be compatible, please give me a call. If I can’t help you, maybe I’ll know someone who will."


At this point some gigs are on but many aren’t. If you plan to come see us, we suggest you check with the venue before you come – but please come if you can! We miss you! Please be responsible and stay safe.

New/Old Jam - the Raven's Nest Jam is coming back!

The plan is for the legendary Raven's Nest Jam to rise again when our world awakes from its corona-coma. Same as before - every Wednesday from 9-12. Bring your friends, bring your axe, bring your sticks, sit in with the band. Backline provided.

The house band will be:   Mike Stanley (guitar), Jim Reichard (keys & sax), Don Plowman (drums), Rob Fraser (bass).