I donít want to miss you

In the course of my work I meet so many people that I sometimes have trouble sorting out who is who. It can get downright embarrassing. I have momentarily forgotten the names of people that Iíve known all of my life. Please be aware that the filing system in my brain can get overloaded. If you come out to a gig and I donít seem to realize that you are there, there may be several reasons. When Iím at a gig, I am working, and I must give full attention to my work. Even if I see you, I may not get to you because others may commandeer my time. And, alas, itís even possible that I may not register right away who you are.

If you come to see me and I fail to acknowledge you, please come over and say ďHiĒ. Iím glad you came, and I would rather suffer the embarrassment of having you remind me who you are, than miss you.

Lehigh Valley Music Awards

I would like to extend thanks to all who supported me for the Best Bass Player award. With such a wealth of talent in the Lehigh Valley, I never expected such an honor. 

Striving to uplift spirits and impart a degree of beauty through music is my lifeís work, and to imagine that my artistic endeavors are well received is extremely gratifying. 

God bless you all.

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